Demonstration of sodium carbonate derived from sodium hydrogen carbonate

Chemicals needed

sodium hydrogen carbonate

Hazardous substance information

sodium carbonate GSGESUND.gif (476 Byte) Xi  R 36    S (2)-22-26

Equipment necessary

clay triangle
evaporating dish
gas burner
crucible tongs
glass rod
scale (accurate to 0.1 g minimally)

Test procedure



2 NaHCO3 --> Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O

Heating causes the splitting off of carbon dioxide and water, which then volatilize so that no back reaction can occur.The molecular weight ratio of 2 NaHCO3 / Na2CO3 is 168 / 106, which corresponds exactly to the observed substance weight ratio of 8.4 / 5.3 entspricht. The reaction proceeds therefore quantitatively.


DSCN0390.JPG (237003 Byte)

Heating of sodium hydrogen carbonate


after experiment 992S, "Quantitative Überführung von Natriumhydrogenkarbonat in Natriumkarbonat", p. 244,[2]