Verification of iron(III) with thiocyanate

Chemicals needed

distilled water

Iron(III) chloride solutionGSGESUND.gif (476 Byte) Xn    R 22-38-41    S 26-39

potassium thiocyanate GSGESUND.gif (476 Byte) Xn     R 20/21/22-30    S 13

Equipment needed

test tube

Test procedure



An intense colored iron(III) thiocyanate arises. In this manner one can verify iron(III) as well as thiocyanate. In the case of pure iron(II) there is no coloration.



DSCN0313.JPG (170812 Byte)

Iron(III) solution after the addition of thiocyanate


Execution of experiment 1847 S,"Kaliumrhodanid ", p. 322, [2]