Verification of carbonate and sulphate barium hydroxide

Chemicals needed

distilled water

bariumhydroxide, octahydrate GSATZEND.gif (935 Byte) C    R 20/22-34    S 26-36/37/38-45

sodium carbonate

sodium sulfate

hydrochloric acid 7%

Equipment necessary

2 test tubes

Test procedure



A poorly soluble barium carbonate is formed, which then precipitates. The slightly acidic carbonate can be dislodged as carbon dioxide, not however the strongly acidic sulfate.


DSCN0581.JPG (211527 Byte)

Precipitation of barium carbonate (left) and barium sulfate (right)

DSCN0584.JPG (225532 Byte)

The carbonate precipitation is dissolved by acidifying.


Experiment based on own considerations. Alternatively one can dissole carbonate and sulfate in water and then add barium hydroxide solution.