Demonstration of acetone derived from lime

Chemicals needed

calcium acetate

Equipment needed

2 test tubes (one of which heat-resistant)
rubber plug mit hole and discharge tube
stand with double sleeve and clamp
beaker or the like
gas burner

Test procedure


All residues are harmless and can be discharged into the drainage, one can also dispose of the lime in the household garbage.
If the removal of the lime deposits proves to be difficult one can apply a diluted acid.


The pyrolysis proceeds according to the following equation:

(CH3COO)2Ca --> CaCO3 + CH3COCH3


DSCN0202.JPG (219692 Byte)

Apparatus for the pyrolysis of lime.

DSCN0205.JPG (175400 Byte)

The newly produced acetone is clear, but yellowish.


similiar to experiment 287 "Darstellung von Propan-2-on (Aceton)", p. 172, [1]