The decarboxylation of salicylic acid

Chemicals needed

sodium carbonate (preferably dried) GSGESUND.gif (476 Byte) Xi   R 36    S (2)-22-26

salicylic acid GSGESUND.gif (476 Byte) Xn    R 22-36/38    S 22

Information concerning dangerous substances

phenol GSATZEND.gif (935 Byte) C GSGiftig.gif (734 Byte) T     R 24/25-34    S (1/2)-28-45

Equipment needed

burner (gas or alcohol-)
glass rod (small)
porcelain crucible
crucible tongs

Test procedure



Through strong heating carbon dioxide can be split off from salicylic acid or many aromatic carboxylic acids (a classical case is, for example, the demonstration of benzene from benzoic acid and lime.


DSCN0229.JPG (213374 Byte)

On the sides of the crucible fine crystals are deposited.


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