Considerations concerning the establishment of a chemical laboratory


Basically this naturally depends on what type of experiments one wants to carry out. If you would want to do more than what the KOSMOS-chemistry set allows (for children and absolute beginners by the way a realistic alternative, as regards to price and safety it is unbeatable), one can in general state that:

Basic workspace requirements

Therefore I recommend:

Additional requirements for the workspace

Fire protection

Basically one considers before operations involving fire risks with what one is going to extinguish a fire in an emergency, as water can under some circumstances make the fire worse. The following should be present:

To mention this once again, the working area, and especially the immediate area of the work surface, should be designed such that a spread of fire be limited. Above all combustible liquids (especially solvents with danger symbol F or F+) should be stored only in small quantities in the work space! Additionally, oxidizing substances(danger symbol O) should if possible be stored outside the work space.

Here a few further sensible rules of conduct:

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